Quality Eyewear

We do better for you

  • Our licensed and experienced opticians can discuss your optical needs with the doctor who examined your eyes any time a question arises. There is little chance of miscommunication, and any problems that do arise are our responsibility to deal with.

We are less expensive for comparable goods and services

  • Our overhead (the cost of business) is lower than commercial optical stores. They have to pay costly rent for retail space in high traffic areas, as well as advertising expenses.

We are more responsive to your concerns and problems

  • You will have a detailed file kept in our clinic. Over the years, we will get to know your eyes and your specific visual needs and concerns. It is our challenge to provide you with the highest level of service and care available, and it is our pleasure to do so at the most economical prices we can.

We guarantee our work

  • We offer a 1 year warranty on all Eyeglasses (some restrictions apply)
  • We guarantee the accuracy of our prescriptions; Within 90 days of your eye exam we will re-adjust, fine-tune, or redo your glasses free of charge (provided that we made your glasses for you)

Custom Contact Lenses

We provide significant additional services that simply can’t be offered online

  • Our Doctors fit your contact lenses and our staff are highly trained to instruct new wearers in insertion and removal. Our team coordinates to work with our patients closely to maintain a very high success rate in our fittings.
  • You have a detailed file kept in our clinic. Over the years we will have an organized, detailed history of your eyes and your specific contacts lenses brands and solutions used. We will therefore be able to best trouble shoot any issues you are having in your contact lenses and help solve and problems.

We have been in business for over 70 years and have grown steadily by providing you the best service we can

  • We offer all brands of contact lenses: soft disposable, soft conventional, and RGP’s – our experience is vast.
  • We guarantee your contact lens prescription for a year such that any lenses bought from us can be swapped out for the correct powers 
  • We enjoy fantastic relationships with all contact lens suppliers – they appreciate our decades in the industry and take care of our patients in the event that someone becomes intolerant to contact lenses and cannot continue.

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