Functional Visual Assessments
& Vision Training

Vision Training

This specialized area of vision care assesses and treats conditions related to eye coordination, eye alignment, lazy eye (amblyopia).  Functional visual deficiencies can be influenced by developmental delay, stroke, trauma, or concussions. 

Common symptoms often include:

  • eyestrain
  • vision-related headaches
  • double vision
  • difficulty with computer tasks or reading
  • depth perception challenges. 


Treatment can help to improve performance in academics and sport as well as allow patients to regain functionality in their daily lives.  A referral is not required to be seen and new patients are always welcome.  Patients are often referred by colleagues in optometry, neurology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, ophthalmology, and family practice.  Working alongside other health care professionals as a multidisciplinary team allows us to optimize improvements in our mutual patients.

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